CRM is the one source of truth.
Is it really? .

You are NOT getting the most out of your revenue data - barista captures all sales activities and automatically makes sure your CRM is accurate and up-to-date.

No touch. No mistakes. No headaches.

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Build winning processes

15% higher revenue

Highlighting not just deals at risk, but also actions to save them. 

25% higher forecasting accuracy

No more garbage in garbage out. Based on real activity data and finally on flawless CRM data.

Saving 1.5 weekly hours per rep

No more manual CRM updating. Reps focus on closing deals, managers focus on pipeline management and RevOps focus on strategic projects.

Increase reps productivity

  • Reps are freed up from CRM updates tasks
  • Sales managers are freed up from CRM monitoring routines
  • RevOps are freed up from CRM cleaning and ad-hoc requests

No touch CRM accuracy

  • Capture all reps’ activities
  • Automatically populate CRM fields based on real activities
  • Continuous CRM cleaning optimization

Master pipeline management

  • Detect leaks in the pipeline with AI generated actions on how to close them
  • Lead your team by understanding what separates A players from B players
  • Bullet proof activity-based forecasting