Bring sales playbooks to life.

Orchestrate deals with the right playbook to the right client and nail every interaction with real-time assistance.

Increase team productivity

  • Access to the right plays from the right playbook for every deal and every customer interaction.
  • Easily replicate winning plays for every deal.
  • Have impactful interactions by having access to the right data at the right time.

Drive consistency & learning in your team

  • Have your sales playbooks by the rep’s side at all times.
  • Replicate successful plays and spread them within the team.
  • Have your dynamic meeting game plan for the call by your side.

Control the narrative with customers at scale

  • Test your sales playbooks and optimize your client interactions
  • barista AI makes processes from your successful interactions.
  • barista AI leverages your CRM and existing tools to measure your playbooks and customize them to each client.

Build winning processes

Closed won – a repeatable process

Replicate winning plays from top reps and increase their adoption with barista AI co-pilot by your side anywhere they work.

Closed lost – a learning process

Learn from your mistakes and let barista AI update your processes and sales playbooks accordingly.

Nothing falls between
the cracks

All your notes and actions will be streamlined into internal and external summaries to all relevant channels, helping barista AI engine to optimize your playbooks.

How barista works


Connect barista AI.

barista AI easily connects to all your channels: calendar, Zoom, slack, salesforce and any other tool you work with.


Customize playbooks and game plans.

Get the right playbook for the right client. Build and run winning game plans based on your goals.


Bring playbooks to life.

Have barista AI by your side off and on client calls. No one will ever be alone again on the battlefield.


Measure and optimize playbooks.

Monitor your processes adoption and more importantly – conversions. Let barista AI optimize your processes for you.