barista reinvents revenue.

Uncover the 'why' behind every dollar

Our Purpose

Great products make customers appreciate companies.
Great relationships make people fall in love with them.

We aim to unlock the R in every CRM

The Team

Us and our closest friends

Oren Sheffer


Roy Weinstock


Shaked Gur

Product Manager

Nir Goldstein

VP Sales at, results-driven Sales leader and GTM expert with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, SaaS and services industry.

Tuvia Barak

CEO and Owner at Crossways Group Inc. Board member, advisor and investor in dozens of successful companies (, Skyline, WhiteCanyon, Weatherbell and more).

Eyal Lewinsohn

VP at Oracle, Co-founded & CEO at, with over 25 years of experience with web applications and technologies.

Our values

Fail & learn.

We encourage and embrace mistakes so we’ll have what to learn from to make ourselves better every day.

Always question.

We never assume that what we just heard or thought of is a common truth. We always question ourselves and others to drive excellence.

Grow together.

We are determined by rapid growth, personally and professionally, as individuals and as a team.

Always be closing.

Closing for us is a mentality, you can’t be a loser if you give everything you’ve got.
And we are no losers.

Exercise Empathy.

Being able to think and act from others’ perspectives is a superpower. We build wearing our customers’ shoes, we communicate wearing their hats.

Transparency is key.

We believe that transparency is the basis of trust, and that trust accelerates growth. There is nothing worth hiding.

Barista was born out of the necessity of having better and repeatable processes with clients at scale.

It became common knowledge for companies that even the best products are not enough to establish good relationships, and that relationships drive growth with enterprise clients best. That is why human interactions are critical and client facing teams are growing fast. In the professional world, the quality of human interactions depends on the processes they follow (or don’t). 


But there’s an inherent gap in the market. There is a natural clash between the desired quantity of meetings to the required quality of them. On the one hand, one wants as many meetings as possible, as every meeting is a deal opportunity. On the other hand, one needs to spend significant time on preparation in order to covert those opportunities into closed-won deals. 


Today, relationship opportunities are not optimized because, well…  processes are not. People are either sacrificing the quality of the meeting or the number of meetings they handle.

With barista companies meet the relationships optimum. The ability to make customized agendas at scale and having access to them in real-time build trust drives efficiency and grow relationships.