Provide consistent
value to your customers on every call.

Make your customers' time worth it by following and optimizing playbooks with barista AI

Your customers will fall in love with you

Increase retention, upselling and cross-selling

Make every meeting valuable and efficient to maintain strong professional relationships. Easily sense opportunities for a sale and have a real-time dynamic agenda to support you.

Make your customers
shine and care

Collaborate with your champion on building the agenda before the meeting.
Make the meeting count in real-time by discussing what matters to your champion and decision-maker.

Every CS will be able to manage more clients

Save tons of time in meetings preparation and be even more prepared. Collaborate with customers at scale in a much easier way.

Get actual work done
on your customer meeting

Build an agenda
in a collaborative way before the call.

  • No more guesswork about what your customer will want to cover in
    a meeting, build an agenda together.
  • Come prepared with what is needed
    to win every meeting.

Easily cover every single task or topic during the call.

  • Have your agenda for the call adjustable in real-time.
  • Bring your notes to life in real-time by having them automatically classified into tasks and action items.

Make product cross-sell meetings better.

  • Flag opportunities in real-time and have access to selling data on spot through cue cards.
  • Sell value delicately by tying your notes during the call to your customers’ words.

Move on to the next customer with a clear mind .

  • Get an automated action items summary based on your notes and call transcript.
  • Get an automated draft to send your client based on that.