Optimized sales playbooks win more deals.

Don’t sell like anyone else. Stand out with customized
sales playbooks and bring your A-game
in every move using barista AI co-pilot.

Stop losing deals

Save time for more meetings

Build agendas for your calls easily and quickly.
Make sure you can fill your schedule with more opportunities without fearing bad calls.

Increase conversions by having better meetings

Easily build a winning agenda and have it by your side in real-time.
Your prospects will fall in love with you by making their time count.

Shorten ramp-up time
for new reps

New reps could build what works for them quicker and have access to what they need in real-time.
Every new rep will be ready to close deals much sooner than expected.

Have meetings that are built
to sell and help to buy.

Save time on prospects research without giving up knowledge.

  • No more hours of browsing. Get the information you need from anywhere straight to your agenda.
  • Easily mark what’s important enough for the agenda and it’ll be there.

Build an agenda that your prospects need.

  • Build agenda based on your goal for the right stage of the sales cycle and tailor it to your prospects’ needs.
  • Use our warm-up tool to get prepared minutes before the call

Build trust with your prospects easier and quicker.

  • Have your winning plan by your side in real-time.
  • Easily take notes during the call and tie them to your prospects’ words so you can sell on what they need.

Move on to the next customer with a clear mind .

  • Get an automated action items summary based on your notes and call transcript.
  • Get an automated draft to send your client based on that.