You can’t beat your revenue targets with outdated CRM.

Automate all CRM updating. Get better pipeline visibility by detecting pipeline leaks before they happen. Lead your team better by understanding why certain reps are outperforming. Forecasting flawlessly and how you can shape the future.

Turn your strategy into revenue

Increase reps’ productivity 

Reps should sell, stop making them spend hours on CRM updating,  just to mess it up. barista saves 1.5 weekly hours per rep and increases CRM accuracy.

Turn forecasted closed-lost into closed-won

By capturing all sales activities, barista will uncover the ‘why’ behind all closed-lost forecasted deals and tell you how to turn them into closed-won on reality.

Turn B players into A players

barista captures all reps’ activities and detects what separates outperforming reps and underperforming so you could elevate your team’s performance. 

Turn your revenue into a repeatable process

Get full pipeline visibility.

  • See the true state of every deal based on buyers’ engagement
  • Get clear action items on how to close each and every deal

No more forecasting guesswork.

  • Forecast based on real sales activities
  • See the gaps between reps’ optimistic predictions to the real state of every deal

Unlock your team’s full potential.

  • Detect gaps in reps’ performance
  • Get coachable insights on how to improve your reps’ performance

Clear your mind with a clean CRM.

  • Capture all sales activities from every platform
  • Automatically populates all relevant CRM fields