Automated CRM data quality.

Revolutionize your revenue operations with automated CRM data quality like auto-record creation, auto-record association, auto-merge of CRM duplicates, and more hygiene tasks that hold back your growth

Your CRM will stop bleeding data and your reps will thank you

Reps will spend more time selling

Stop chasing reps around to fill in their CRM. barista frees up valuable selling time for reps and improves their data hygiene with easy-to-use CRM updates automation.

Accurate CRM at last

Your constant struggle with incomplete and inaccurate data in the CRM stops. Define automation  rules to deal with duplicates, outdated records, and inconsistencies in the data

No more CRM data hygiene time waste 

Stop wasting valuable time on manual CRM updates and data hygiene tasks and focus on strategic initiatives.

CRM data automation is the way to go

Sales activities auto-capture.

  • capture from emails, calendar activities, and video conferencing crucial deal data
  • Automatically populate your CRM fields with data you couldn’t before
  • Notify reps of missing data in the right time

Easily cover every single task or topic during the call.

  • Have your agenda for the call adjustable in real-time.
  • Bring your notes to life in real-time by having them automatically classified into tasks and action items.

Make product cross-sell meetings better.

  • Flag opportunities in real-time and have access to selling data on spot through cue cards.
  • Sell value delicately by tying your notes during the call to your customers’ words.

Move on to the next customer with a clear mind .

  • Get an automated action items summary based on your notes and call transcript.
  • Get an automated draft to send your client based on that.