8 best sales productivity tools your sales team will love

barista editorial board

April 13, 2022 / 5 Min Read

In the past, taking a potential prospect through every step of the sales funnel may have been an extremely tedious process. The simple act of participating in sales discovery calls or creating a sales prospect list would have taken far too much of your time. 

Fortunately, with the rise of the tech sales stack market, there are many tools that your sales team could now utilize in order to enhance the overall sales productivity and efficiency of the life cycle. 

In fact, the Sales Management Association has recently released a webinar highlighting the importance of adopting the latest sales productivity tools. According to their findings, companies that refrain from leveraging sales technology saw their performance drop by 12% from the previous year. 

If that statistic alone isn’t convincing enough, we have compiled a list of the 8 greatest sales productivity tools that will significantly enhance the output of your sales team.


Here are 8 sales productivity tools to use in 2022:



Dooly offers a connected workspace on a centralized platform for sales professionals. Ultimately, the platform enables reps to upload and access everything that they need, including their notes and tasks, in a single space. Managers will be able to oversee the entire process from the comfort (or discomfort?) of their desks. 

By using Dooly, sales managers will be able to access their entire team’s pipeline and history in a single screen. This means that instead of wasting time digging for information or manually updating your sales pipeline, you will be able to focus on securing the deal.


The purpose of Outreach is to automate the entire sales life cycle to improve sales productivity and push for growth. With this sales tech stack, reps have the ability to manage and execute on all prospecting activities within a single platform. 

Thanks to this AI-driven software, your sales team will be able to automate and personalize any correspondence with leads, including outreach by both email and voice. If you plan on using Outreach, you will find a significant improvement in your sales productivity due to the time-saving, streamlined process which enables you to focus on building your current pipeline.


Chili Piper

Sales meetings are an integral part of the process, from discovery and qualification all the way to relationship management. Chili Piper allows the sales team to book meetings faster by providing a one-click booking system which can be integrated into the entire sales tech stack. 

Providing prospects and clients with a quick and easy booking system (along with automated reminders) means that you are more likely to win that meeting. Additionally, instead of having to stress over matching your schedule to your clients’ or sending constant reminders, you can instead work on prepping for your important sales meetings.



Tolstoy provides a new method of online interaction for the sales team- through interactive video. Leads will be able to click through their chosen responses and move through a conversation as if it were happening in front of them. 

The innovative solution enables your team to qualify more leads faster due to the scalable nature of the interactive videos. Better yet, the software can be integrated into your entire sales tech stack, allowing for a more streamlined process. Less unnecessary conversations to ultimately boost sales productivity? Yes, please!



We know, we know. At this point, everyone in the entire world uses Zoom for absolutely anything- from online classes to video calls with your cat. But did you know that the application can be leveraged to improve your sales productivity? 

While Zoom’s selling points are known by virtually everyone and their grandmother, it is important to identify how you can use its different aspects to optimize your sales meetings and sales discovery calls. Having the ability to share your screen with your leads means that you will easily be able to walk them through demos or sales decks without having to meet them face-to-face. This is a great way to save time and close deals faster while avoiding the commute from one sales meeting to the next. Additionally, the video recording and transcription option means that you can spare yourself the ceaseless note-taking and focus on all the verbal and non-verbal cues your lead is giving you.



Something every salesperson can agree on is that finding prospects can be one of the most time consuming tasks, and one that can tremendously impact sales productivity. Luckily, Lusha automates this process by providing a Chrome extension which scrapes contact and company details from the web. 

Talk about an absolute time saver. Lusha spares your sales team the need to jump from one page to the other in order to find prospects. Your reps will be able to scrape all essential information with a click of a button, so they can focus on transcending their sales discovery calls instead.



Similar to Zoom, DocSend (now an extension partner of Dropbox) is another commonly known platform within the tech community and beyond. It is included on this list because its features can be utilized as sales tools to maximize productivity for sales teams. DocSend allows for sharing of documents within the team and to prospects through links rather than attachments, and provides insights into whether or not the document was viewed and downloaded.

This is a particularly useful tool to enhance sales productivity as your sales team won’t need to spend time searching for specific information when it is all in a single place. Furthermore, this sales tool allows you to prioritize engaged prospects over uninterested parties due to the insights received when a document is sent.


barista AI

barista AI is a sales enablement as a service platform that is focused on discovery and demo calls. barista helps companies to document sales processes, manage all onboarding and training materials and  coach frontline teams with calls preparation and real-time cue cards.

With barista, sales playbooks, demo scripts and any sales enablement collaterals are being monitored and optimized based on reps’ real performance and stored in a smart and easily searchable way. barista has also seamless integration with zoom which tremendously help reps to follow the playbook live and handle objections in real-time based on what is being said by the prospect.


Your Sales Team, Your Choice

Thanks to the digital age that we are living in, we are graced with an endless amount of sales tools at our disposal. 

Because of this, you can personalize your sales tech stack to ensure that the tools being used are right for you and your team. Even better still, we highly recommend integrating a couple of these tools to ensure you are getting the most support necessary. Cheers to technology! Boosting sales productivity has never been easier.