Dooly Alternatives

barista editorial board

June 28, 2022 / 5 Min Read

If you are on a sales team, you’ve likely heard of sales enablement platforms that can and will make your life so much easier, like other sales productivity tools

And if you haven’t, we aren’t judging but… do yourself a favor and enable yourself 🙂

Dooly is one of those platforms that you have likely heard of when looking to update salesforce. But with other tools on the rise, how can you decide which one to use? 

Once again, barista AI is here for you. We’re going to take a deep dive to uncover Dooly’s solution and gaps and compare it to the other Dooly alternatives out there. This way, you’ll be able to make the right choice for sales enablement in no time. 


So what is Dooly?

Dooly is a sales enablement platform that syncs all data to Salesforce while also providing a connected workspace for the team. Ultimately, the tool’s main value proposition is that it helps save time and boost the sales team’s productivity, as it provides a centralized platform where the entire sales pipeline is streamlined. 

Like everything out there, the platform has its benefits and gaps. We’re here to dig them out for you.


  • Integration with Salesforce and Outreach.
  • Enables quick note taking.
  • Allows for a seamless management of the sales pipeline.
  • Provides templates for sales calls.



  • Lack of tools related to sales coaching – if you’re onboarding and coaching new reps, you may find that Dooly isn’t the best solution for you.
  • Limited integrations – considering that Zoom is a software typically used during sales calls, this may be an important downside. 
  • Lack of assistance post-call – while Dooly solves solutions surrounding note-taking and guidebooks during the sales call, there aren’t any remarkable features that assist with the tasks after your call (such as providing automated actionable steps). 


Top 6 Dooly alternatives

As mentioned, there are many sales enablement alternatives. Below is a list of the top six tools available, so that you can pick the best one for your sales team. 



Highspot is a strategic sales enablement platform which bridges the gap between the customer, and the marketing and sales teams. Highspot can be used as a tool to manage content, engage prospects, and train employees. While Highspot and Dooly offer similar features, Highspot also provides tools for both marketing and sales coaching.


  • Features advanced analytics for informed insights.
  • Offers a sales content library, equipped with training and sales coaching tools.
  • Contains extensive storage to house a variety of assets.



  • Difficult pitch functionality- many users describe their difficulties building pitches on the software, which is a crucial task for any sales team.
  • User interface is confusing- according to reviews, users are finding it confusing to navigate the software.
  • Limited ability to customize and personalize the database.


Scratchpad is a sales enablement platform which is synced with Salesforce. It features a centralized experience for salespeople in terms of pipeline management, note taking, deal collaboration, and other sales tasks. Unlike Dooly, Scratchpad is more useful for management rather than sales execution.


  • Enables seamless management of pipelines and accounts.
  • Sales opportunities can be viewed and filtered to save time. 
  • User interface is extremely easy to use which helps with productivity.



  • Tailored to account executives and sales leaders, with less value for reps.
  • More features for upkeep and management, but limited solutions for actual sales execution. 
  • No remarkable features related to demos, sales coaching, or follow ups.


Outreach enables the sales team to automate and personalize correspondence with leads and execute on all prospecting activities within a centralized platform. The platform consists of three different products; Engage, Guide, and Commit. Unlike Dooly, Outreach is more of a sales communication platform. These tools are usually used in conjunction with one another. 


  • Features AI-powered insights for better forecasting.
  • Automates and optimizes the entire workflow.
  • Provides in-meeting assistance with AI-generated insights.



  • Integration with Salesforce is limited.
  • Limited ability to personalize outreach communication of sequenced groups.
  • Lack of sales coaching or onboarding processes for the team.


Groove is a sales productivity tool which automates the sales workflow including outreach to prospects, as well as administrative tasks. It also provides multi-channel campaign automation for streamlined communication. In terms of comparison to Dooly, we have to admit… they are pretty similar. 



  • Enables users to record and analyze every sales call.
  • Provides a customizable user interface.
  • Automates email and activity tracking and directly syncs it to Salesforce. 



  • Platform is not scalable for bigger teams.
  • Lack of sales coaching tools for sales reps.
  • Limited integrations with different software-such as Zoom.


Dealhub is a CPQ which enables users to generate multiple documents at once to save time. Unlike Dooly (and all the other tools mentioned), Dealhub is primarily relevant for the deal-closing stage rather than the entire sales lifecycle. 


  • Helps teams close deals faster with templates for proposals and quotes.
  • Combines CPQ and contract management.
  • Contains an e-signature tool for seamless contract generation. 



  • Not applicable to other stages of the sales lifecycle, so it must be used in conjunction with other sales enablement platforms.
  • Lacking tools to help with the initial configuration of the software and onboarding of the team.
  • Lacking an administrative dashboard making it hard to keep track of proposals and their progress. 


barista AI

barista AI is a sales coaching platform with real-time rep’s co-pilot. barista AI helps companies to document sales processes, manage all onboarding and training materials and coach frontline teams with calls preparation and real-time cue cards. barista for managers allows them to detect gaps in performance of their team in an individual level and tailor personalized coaching plan based on their smart content management system.


  • Individual-level gaps detection – native salesforce integration infused by smart algorithm that enable to detect pipeline leaks for each rep
  • Content is in a push. rather than in a pull – each rep can access content that relevant to her coaching gaps based on real-performance. All content is accessible from any day2day tool (Zoom, Salesforce, Slack, etc.)
  • Native Zoom co-pilot – barista has a real-time co-pilot in a form of a widget within Zoom that allows reps to search battle cards, see their game plans and showcase every collateral easily and natively real-time. 



  • Integrations for teams and Google meets are not yet available
  • Long documents are being integrated from different tools


No Excuse for Old School Ways

With the plethora of options available, there’s absolutely no reason for your team not to be leveraging these useful tools that you have at your disposal. 

But how will you make the choice? Here’s a tip: now that you are aware of the benefits and potential gaps of each software, outline which features you and your team prioritize the most. Then you can look through our list and find the product that best fits your checklist. 

So if you think sales coaching, discovery, and demo calls are crucial aspects of your ideal sales enablement platform, well, then… you know where to find us