Top 10 Sales Blogs That Will Elevate Your Sales Game

barista editorial board

May 12, 2022 / 5 Min Read

When looking to elevate your sales game, it’s best to learn from the pros. But there’s so much information out there… and while this may be a good thing, it’s difficult to determine which blogs to refer to for certain types of information. Do not fret, we’ve just made it super easy for you. Below is a list of the top 10 sales blogs that both your team and your clients will thank you for.


Gong Sales Blog


Best for: Data-Driven Insights is well known in the sales space for its revenue intelligence capabilities. Naturally, their blog utilizes these same capabilities- gathering large amounts of data from customers and transcribing that into credible insights. With that in mind, you can expect a range of different blogs with customer-focused insights that would help you level up your sales game. The blog is updated on a weekly basis, and the topics are usually centered around sales intelligence or sales management. 

Our favorite post: You May Leverage Data, But Here’s How to Know You’re a Truly Data-Driven Organization (we do love our data)


JB Sales Blog


Best for: Sales Coaching

JB Sales provides academic training to sales teams. This means that their blog entails tips and tricks to become the best sales rep you could be. Many of their blogs are summaries of webinars or interviews with some prominent sales figures, such as the award-winning Jeff Hoffman. 

Unfortunately, their blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Regardless, there are still some gems that you’ll definitely enjoy digging through. 

(see here the discovery call interview with Morgan J Ingram from JB Sales)

Our favorite post: Rediscovering the “Art” of Prospecting with Jeff Hoffman: 5 Takeaways You Need Today


Demostack Blog


Best for: Demo Optimization 

Demostack, as the name suggests, helps software companies deliver effective demos. On their blog you can expect to find all things related to demos. From measuring demo success to preparing the ultimate tech stack, you will be sure to find great information to help you optimize your demos

You can expect a new blog post at least a couple of times a month, with the occasional webinar and guide, too. 

Our favorite post: How To Create a Winning Sales Demo Strategy


Hubspot Sales Blog 


Best for: Inbound Strategies

Hubspot provides an inbound marketing, CRM, and sales platform to businesses. Their sales blog covers a wide range of topics including account management, emails, and sales mentorship. However, we have found that their most useful and most frequent kind of blog posts entail tips and tricks for the most successful inbound sales strategies. 

They post content with impressive frequency, so you will find multiple new uploads a week. 

Our favorite post: Inbound Sales: How to Sell the Way Prospects Buy


Barista AI Blog


Best for: Sales Playbooks

Barista AI is a playbooks management platform that helps revenue team uncover gaps in their their sales process and boost sales coaching. Barista AI blog is all about sales coaching and how to create playbooks out of them. There are actionable blog posts about specific use cases, such as how to run a demo on discovery calls, as well as high level guidelines on how to build revenue teams and their processes.

You can expect a new blog post at least a couple of times a month, including a great interviews with revenue leaders that is called sales brew.

Our favorite post: Why we founded barista


Sales Hacker Blog


Best for: Sales Enablement

Sales Hacker provides a community platform for B2B sales professionals across the globe. Their content is written by many different sales professionals, so you will find a wide range of content covering topics from RevOps, interviews, all the way down to playbooks. We’ve dug through their wide range of content and found that their most helpful articles center around sales enablement– providing sales teams with the tools and content needed to sell more effectively. 

The many different sales professionals on the platform post at a frequency of 1-2 articles a week.

Our favorite post: An Agile Approach to Sales Enablement Content


SaaStr Sales Blog


Best for: Entrepreneurs/Founders and Sales Leadership

SaaStr is well known in the sales space for being one of the largest communities of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs. Since the community is created specifically with entrepreneurs and founders in mind, many of the SaaStr blog posts discuss VCs, growth, and leading your sales team to success. This blog is great for founders or sales leaders seeking sound advice. 

In terms of their post frequency, you can expect new articles weekly. 

Our favorite post: Don’t Hire a VP of Sales Everybody Loves (a very interesting take!


Walnut Blog


Best for: Demo Prep

Walnut offers a fool-proof platform which enables sales reps to enhance their demo experience. Considering that their product offering is related to demos, their best content is all about… yep, you guessed it- demos! Their content covers tips about preparing the best presentations to writing product demo agendas. If you need a little help with your demos, be sure to drop by their page! 

You can expect a new blog post at least a couple of times a month, with the occasional webinar and guide, too. 

Our favorite post: Top 3 Ways for Remote Sales Teams to Deliver Impactful Live Product Demos (since, you know, our lives are pretty much virtual at this point)


Salesforce Quotable Sales Blog


Best for: Customer Relationship Management

Let’s be real, you probably have heard about Salesforce. I mean, if you haven’t, we won’t judge… but are you living under a rock? The Salesforce team created a blog (and podcast) which leverages the biggest names in the sales community. Basically, you’ll find content written by the best of the best .The crème de la crème. From those just beginning their sales journey to expert VPs of Sales, there is absolutely something for everyone on this blog. But since Salesforce is a CRM platform, we’ve concluded that their best content is about optimizing the customer relationship management experience. 

They post pretty often, meaning you’ll find multiple new uploads a week. 

Our favorite post: Matching Your Product’s Value with Your Customer’s Values


Spiff Blog


Best for: Commission Plans

Spliff offers an automated commission platform which enables automatic commission calculations for the team. Pretty cool, right? While they cover a few different topics on their blog, their best content is of course all about their expertise- finance and commission plans. We definitely recommend this blog if you’re unsure of or trying to manage your commission solutions for your team. 

Judging by their upload frequency, you can expect to find new blogs a couple of times a month

Our favorite post: Going for Gold: Designing a Winning Sales Commission Structure


We Got You 


While the online sales ecosystem may very well be densely packed with information, we’ve done the homework to ensure that you know exactly where to head for what you’re looking for. From demos to commissions, we’ve sniffed out the best of the best to give you the quality information that you need to up your sales game. May your sales game be strong, and your blog list be spot on.